Rental Policies



Below are the reservation policies you agree to adhere and abide by during your stay with us at Smoky Mountain Cabins of Tennessee. We sincerely appreciate your business and are excited for your upcoming vacation trip to The Great Smoky Mountains!


Age Requirement: You must be at least 21 years or older to rent a 1 or 2-bedroom cabin and 25 years old to rent a 3-bedroom and larger cabin. The registered guest must meet the minimum age requirements and be occupying the rental. No un-chaperoned groups. Upon check-in, we reserve the right to refuse service with all monies forfeited if any discrepancies in our policies are suspected.

Reservation Policy: A photo ID of registered guest is required. Rental Agent reserves the right to refuse rental to any individual or group. It is a crime to obtain this rental property under false pretenses. The use of premises shall not be as such to disturb or offend neighbors. Rental Agent reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and ask disruptive guests to vacate the premises without issuing a refund. We must have a signed copy of this Rental Agreement prior to occupying the rented cabin. Please be advised rental investment properties are individually owned. On rare occasions cabin rental investment properties are sold and management responsibilities are transferred. Rental Agent reserves the right to move your reservation to a comparable property if necessary due to previously described scenario or if a problem with the original property prohibits guests from occupying the unit. Rental rates and specials may change, but you agree to be bound by the rates and specials in effect at the time of reserving the cabin. Communication about a reservation, even after departure, must only be with the guest named on the reservation.

Minimum Stays: We have a minimum 2-night stay on most reservations, however, during certain time periods in the year minimum nights required may be more. Exceptions will be made if nights rented fall between two other reservations and the minimum number of nights are not possible. This type of reservation cannot be booked online and must be booked by calling our office at 866-289-8818. Please Note: In observance of these two national Holidays our office will be closed and no reservations will be scheduled for arrival on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day!

Deposits & Final Payments: All deposits are non-refundable for any reason (deposit means your initial payment to reserve the reservation and any other money paid toward reservation). For cancellation information refer to the heading “Cancellations and Early Departures”. Deposit for each reservation is 50% of total nightly charges, the administrative fee, the optional Cancellation Guarantee, and taxes. Payment in full to secure reservation is required no less than:

14 days (2-Weeks) prior to arrival for 1-3 Bedroom cabins

28 days (4-Weeks) prior to arrival for 4+ Bedroom cabins

If guest(s) would like final payment to be charged to any other credit card, other than the one the reservation is made with, then it is the guest(s) responsibility to phone in the other payment(s) or make alternative arrangements on or before the minimum days listed above prior to guest arrival. Otherwise we will automatically charge the balance due to the original credit card on file. If unable to charge balance due to credit card on file, we will make every effort to contact guest for final payment, as reservations not paid in full by the minimum days listed above prior to arrival, are subject to cancellation without notice or refund. If reservation is made within the minimum days of arrival as listed above the entire balance is still required and will be charged in full at the time of booking.

Important Notice: Guest(s) payments may or may not be held in an interest-bearing Escrow Account with all interest proceeds going to Smoky Mountain Cabins of Tennessee pursuant to the provisions of the Tennessee Code Annotated 62-13-104(b)(3), Subdivision (D)(i)

Confirmation: Confirmation of the reservation will be emailed upon receipt of deposit to email address provided to Smoky Mountain Cabins of TN. Guest(s) should review their confirmation email for accuracy of dates, mailing address, and accommodations. Guest(s) should notify us at 866-289-8818 of any discrepancies in the reservation immediately upon receiving the confirmation email.

Cancellations and Early Departures: You have the option to purchase a Cancellation Guarantee. Without the Cancellation Guarantee, absolutely no refunds.  If you have ANY concerns regarding the possibility of cancelling or rescheduling for ANY reason, including but not limited to: illness, accidents, family emergencies, Acts of God/ weather issues (including wildfires whether local or abroad), pandemics, impracticability of performance, federal, state, or local travel restrictions, etc. we strongly urge you to purchase the Cancellation Guarantee to protect you against ANY and ALL unforeseen events. The guarantee amount is 5% of your total reservation and enables you to receive a full refund (less the 5% guarantee amount & the admin fee). In order to receive a refund, you must cancel the reservation at least:

 14 days (2-Weeks) prior to arrival for 1-3 Bedroom cabins

 28 days (4 Weeks) prior to arrival for 4+ Bedroom cabins

 Once inside the minimum required days listed above you may still cancel the reservation. However, your deposit amount (less the deposit guarantee & the admin fee) will be placed in an interest-bearing escrow account and you will have up to 6 months to at least rebook the reservation using that deposit amount. Please note when booking your new reservation, you will again have the option to purchase the Cancellation Guarantee and the amount will be based on the new reservation total. The 2nd purchase of a Cancellation Guarantee does NOT allow you a refund at any point. You may cancel the reservation as previously described, but this only offers you the ability to reschedule your reservation within 6 months. If at any point you cancel the rescheduled reservation you WILL NOT be refunded. You will simply be offered another 6 months to reschedule. No Deposit Guarantee will be offered or available to you on the 3rd attempt to reschedule. Sorry absolutely no refunds for early departures for any reason including weather and/or road conditions.

Changes to Reservations: You may add days to your reservation at any time (subject to availability). You may make one date or cabin change to your reservation without penalty. The change must be made at least 4 weeks prior to arrival date. Once inside this time period absolutely no changes can be made unless you have already purchased the Cancellation Guarantee.

Check-In Procedures: Check-in begins any time after 4pm. Please note: Smoky Mountain Cabins of TN do NOT guarantee a 4pm check-in time. Due to our high standards of cleanliness, the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, and/or on particularly heavy arrival dates, check-in times could be delayed. We ask for your patience and suggest you have alternate plans for a few hours in case your unit is not ready for the targeted time. The guest named on the reservation must check-in, unless prior arrangements have been established. If you are in the area before 4pm please feel free to stop by our office and at least begin the check-in process and paperwork. If the unit is clean and ready, we will be happy to allow you to begin your vacation sooner than expected. If the unit is not ready, we will gladly take your cell number and contact as soon as the unit is reported available. If you need to check-in after our office has closed (Hours are 9am-9pm Mon.-Fri. and 9am-6pm on Sat& Sun), we will prepare a late arrival package for you. This package will include directions and a key code to your cabin. The package will be located in our late check-in box just outside our front door. Guests arriving late must come to the office between 9am-12pm (noon) the following day to complete the check-in process and paperwork. Guests who fail to complete the check-in process and paperwork by the end of business hours the day after arrival will be assessed a $50 late processing fee.

Express Check-In: Express Check-In means you will have direct access to the directions for your cabin on the day of arrival (once it is established as ready for rental) versus checking in at our office. To qualify for EXPRESS CHECK-IN, you must have completed and signed each document in the reservation packet which includes: All Credit Card Receipts, Reservation Agreement, Cabin Rental Policy Overview, Pool Procedure and Agreement (for cabins with pools), and we must have a copy of a valid driver’s license on file. To complete these forms, you can electronically sign for each once you receive your confirmation email. Please look within your confirmation email for the link. Or you can print, sign, and fax back each document to us at: 865-325-3097

2-Hour Guarantee: We offer a two-hour guarantee from the time you arrive to your cabin to inspect your rental unit. Please make sure everything is to your satisfaction. If you find any conditions you need to report as unsatisfactory or damaged, please do so at that time. If the cabin is not as you expected or you are unhappy, we will try to move you to another property or reach a reasonable compromise. This does not mean you will receive an automatic full refund. After the first two hours, it is assumed you are accepting the accommodations as satisfactory and there will be no refunds or adjustments to your bill for any reason. Any issues that arise during your stay do not fall within this guarantee and should be reported immediately to the office for resolution.

Check out Procedures: Check-out time is 10am (EST) and is strictly enforced. Unless prior arrangements have been made, any guest who does not vacate the rental cabin by 10am will be assessed a late check-out fee at the rate of $75 per hour (no pro-rates extended for unauthorized late checkouts). The check-out procedures are simple:

–       The night before please place all dirty dishes in dishwasher and start it. This will allow you to put the clean dishes away on your departure morning.

–       Place all trash in receptacle and lock it

–       All furniture returned to its original location

–       Turn off all lights and small appliances

–       Ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked

–       Set thermostat to 65 degrees during winter months and 75 degrees during summer months

**Please respect check-out time as we need the time to prepare the cabin for the next family’s arrival.**

Directions & Access to Cabin: Once you have obtained directions to the cabin (please see above headings entitled “Check-In Procedures” and “Express Check-In”) please follow our written directions more than anything you download on the internet or GPS. We are more familiar with the location of our cabins and the details of these mountains. Many of our mountain roads do not appear on Map Quest. (Please see heading entitled” Mountain Roads” for additional information). A key is provided to your rental unit in a lock box (unless your rental unit has an electronic keyless door lock). It is required to leave the key in the lock box after each use. Should an emergency arise, it is imperative the property be accessible. If the key is unavailable should access be needed to your cabin you will be charged no less than $50. Any lost keys will result in a $50 charge as well.

Fees: In accordance with our commitment to excellence and the Sevier County Health Department, all hot tubs are cleaned and treated prior to each arrival. All cabins are cleaned and inspected prior to each arrival as well. Therefore, a departure cleaning fee is charged to each reservation and ranges (dependent on cabin and size) $60 (1 bedroom) to $300 (8 bedroom).

–       Each reservation is charged an Administrative Fee of $55. This fee covers processing expenses, credit card processing, etc.

–       If reserving a cabin with a private swimming pool, an additional Pool Fee of $100 will be added to the reservation, to help with the cost associated in maintaining a private swimming pool. For extended stays (4+ days) the Pool Fee is $125 and please be aware a pool vendor will stop by during your stay to inspect and treat the pool accordingly. The water in the heated pool is lukewarm and should be 78-82 degrees.

–       Non-Refundable Damage Waiver Fee: In lieu of a normal security deposit there will be a damage waiver fee applied to each reservation. The damage waiver covers up to $300 (1-3 BR) & $800 (4+ BR) in ACCIDENTAL damages, such as broken kitchenware, coffee pot, etc. This does not cover non-accidental damage to furniture and electronics (i.e. damaged television, broken DVD Player, broken bed frame, broken sleeper sofa, etc.). Damage fee is as follows:

1 & 2 Bedroom- $55

3 & 4 Bedroom- $65  

5 & 6 Bedroom- $75

7+ Bedroom- $100

Guest will be responsible for all intentional or reckless damages, and the credit card on file will be charged. Guest also authorizes Agent to charge any expenses relating to intentional or reckless damage, cleaning of unit beyond a normal clean (Ex: heavy partying, trash, etc.), or theft of any property from the unit to the credit card on file for that cabin. The guest who uses their credit card for the deposit is considered the responsible party, and all necessary charges concerning said cabin will be charged to the credit card on file, no matter who in the group caused the damage.

Acceptable Forms of Payment: Guest is responsible for all rental rates, taxes, and fees. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AND DISCOVER, as well as, travelers’ checks, cashier checks, and money orders. Personal, business, or church checks will not be accepted unless received at least 30 days prior to arrival. Returned checks will result in a $25 fee.

Tax-Exempt Reservations: A Tennessee tax-exempt certificate (for those in State of TN) or a 501c3 tax-exempt certificate (for those out-of-state) must be provided by any group wishing to claim tax- exemption. WE CANNOT ACCPET AN OUT-OF-STATE TAX FORM. To obtain the out-of-state 501c3 certificate please contact the Nashville, TN Revenue Office at 800-342-1003. It takes 7-14 days to approve a new application for tax exempt status. For these types of reservations several criteria must be met as required by the state of Tennessee: (1) The reservation must be made in the name of the organization. (2) Payments must be made by a form of payment showing the organization’s name – i.e. credit card issued to organization or check with name of organization {so long as it is received 30 days prior to arrival}. Please be aware we are required to ensure these types of reservations are paid with funds from the organization and as such we must provide proof to the state documenting these payment types. (3) The group name on the tax-exempt certificate must match all of the above. Request for tax-exemption must be made at the time of booking. A valid tax-exemption certificate (as stated above) must be submitted to the Rental Agent no less than 10 days after reservation has been made.

Accommodations: All vacation rentals are individually owned. Each property reflects the cabin owner’s preferences. Smoky Mountain Cabins of TN cannot be held responsible for any changes made by the owners in furnishings or amenities supplied. All guests shall inspect and be familiar with the proper use and application of all items in the cabin prior to using them.

Cabin Equality: All cabins are not equal in luxury with each cabin being individually owned. In an attempt to have cabins in a wide variety of price ranges and to fit everybody’s budget, we do offer cabins classed from budget to luxury. The cabins are priced accordingly. A budget cabin is not going to be as plush as other cabins, but it is not also going to be as expensive. If you rent a budget cabin and are disappointed when you arrive, we will absolutely not credit or refund any portion of your trip for any reason. It may, however, be possible to upgrade you to a nicer cabin based on availability. If you choose to upgrade you will be charged the difference of the cabin cost at full season rate plus the cleaning fee of both cabins (if you have stayed 1 night or more in original cabin booked prior to being moved to the new cabin). Be advised a budget cabin is priced as such because of the age of the cabin and/or lack of amenities.

Cabin Supplies: Each rental unit is provided with a complimentary STARTER supply of bed linens, towels, wash cloths, bath soap, toilet tissue, paper towels, garbage bags, dishwashing liquid, and detergent for dishwasher. Once you have depleted the provided items, you are responsible for purchasing any additional items. We do not provide extras at our office after your check-in. Please refresh your soiled linens using the cabin rental unit’s washer and dryer (laundry detergent not provided) or you may bring your soiled linens to our office and exchange them for fresh linens. WE DO NOT PROVIDE DAILY MAID SEVICE.

Suggested Items to Bring: Additional rolls of toilet paper and paper towels (you are supplied with a starter roll in each bathroom and one roll of paper towels in kitchen), laundry detergent, additional dishwasher tabs or detergent, beach towels for use of hot tub and/or pool, charcoal for grill (please check amenity list for you unit if it has a charcoal or gas grill- propane is provided for gas grills), aluminum foil, coffee filters, salt and pepper, coffee, plastic wrap, , and extra blankets if more than one per bed is desired

Hold Harmless Agreement: The guest(s) agree to indemnify and hold Smoky Mountain Cabins of TN and/or the cabin owner(s) harmless from any and all claims, including those of third parties, arising out of or in any way related to a guest’s use of the premises or the items of personal property provided therein. All guests assume the risk of injury, death, or other losses related to any recreational activities or use of the premises and will hold owner and its agents harmless with respect thereto. You agree to hold the cabin owner and Smoky Mountain Cabins of Tennessee free and clear of any liability or compensation for damage to self or property, resulting from accident, injury, death, or loss of enjoyment resulting from weather or inoperable appliances, amenities, and/or equipment (including hot tub, Jacuzzi, Internet access, barbecue grills, electronic games, water, heat and air, i.e.).

Damages and Excessive Cleaning: Guest agrees to leave the cabin in an undamaged condition. Guest understands they are solely responsible for and assume all liability for any damages to the cabin during their stay. In the event of damage, theft, or the need for excessive cleaning guest authorizes Rental Agent to charge credit card on file to cover the expense to bring the cabin back to original state during their arrival. If damages are considered excessive, we will contact our local police authorities to report the damages as vandalism. At this point a police report will be recorded as this would now be considered a crime. Should the guest dispute the charges or the credit limit on the credit/debit card on file is not sufficient to cover the damages/theft/cleaning, Rental Agent reserves the right to charge the guest with vandalism and/or pursue collection from the guest with venue being in the county of Sevier, in the state of Tennessee and/or pursue legal action for criminal offense. All reasonable attorney fees will be at the expense of the guest if collection becomes necessary. Any damages or problems not reported by guests upon arrival will be charged to the guest. Any accident or damage to cabin or personal property must be reported within 24-hours of occurrence.

Group Responsibilities: We require a group leader and/or chaperone to be present with the group at all times while at the cabin. Noise is to be kept at a reasonable level since other guests may be staying in nearby cabins. At our discretion, we may require and arrange for a security service to patrol your cabin. We will attempt to notify you if this becomes necessary and your group will be charged for this service at $150 per night per cabin. In the event any complaints are received about the group as a whole, or about an individual within the group, you will receive only 1 warning from our company during your entire visit. Continued complaints will result in eviction without refund. The group is responsible for all damage to the cabin incurred by any member(s). If damage occurs, you will be charged not only for the repairs/replacements as previously described above, but you will also be charged for any refunds or adjustments we are forced to make to other guests’ due to the behavior of your group member(s). The amount involved is completely separate from the master account and you give full authorization to charge the credit on file, or agree to provide us with payment via other means should this card decline.

Property Use: Guest agrees the cabin is to be used and occupied by Guest as a private dwelling and for no other purpose. In the event there is a change in occupancy, the application process and approval from Smoky Mountain Cabins of Tennessee is required in advance. No parties, receptions, large gatherings, weddings, or similar events are permitted without prior written authorization from Smoky Mountain Cabins of Tennessee. If a guest(s) is found to have disregard this requirement guests will be asked to vacate the premises immediately without refund. A penalty fee could be applied for events such as unauthorized weddings.

Occupancy: Over occupancy is considered a serious violation of your rental agreement and you will be asked to vacate the property immediately. Children are counted in the total occupancy unless they are under the age of two. We do not charge a per person rate.

House Parties: If guests are found to be having a party in any of our units, everyone will be asked to vacate the premises. No refunds will be extended. Please be mindful of your neighbors. It is considered a very serious offense if you disrupt the vacation time of any neighbors.

Observance of Quiet Hours: We take the disturbance of any guests very seriously. We want you to enjoy your stay, but not at the expense of ruining your neighbor’s vacation. Please observe quiet hours beginning at 10pm and ending at 9am. If a noise complaint is received about your group you will receive only 1 warning. If after that warning another complaint is received you will be evicted from the property without any refund. In cases, we deem extreme disruptive behavior has occurred no warning will be issued and you will be evicted immediately without any refund. We will not tolerate guests who do not respect others.

Smoking: Smoking is NOT permitted inside ANY of the cabins. Smoking is ONLY permitted outside on the deck. Please do not dispose cigarettes on cabin property grounds. We will charge or pursue a $300 fee if you smoke inside the cabin or if you have smoked outside but allowed a smoke smell to get inside the cabin. If you decide to smoke on the deck(s) and/or cabin patio please ensure all windows and doors are closed to prevent smoke from entering the cabin. DO NOT LITTER the grounds, decks, or driveways with discarded cigarettes.

Construction: While we try our best to keep up with growth in surrounding areas, we cannot always predict construction plans in the area. There is a possibility that construction projects may be in progress near any rental property during the time of your stay. Therefore, we have no control in these situations and no compensation or substitutions to other properties will be considered.

PETS: Some of our rental units allow for pet dogs. Please keep in mind each rental unit is an individually owned rental investment property, so please be courteous and treat the unit as you would your own home ensuring your pet dog(s) do as well. There is a $55 pet fee per dog with 2 dogs being the maximum number of pets allowed in any unit. Dog(s) MUST be crated when left alone in cabin. Leaving your dog in a room with the door shut is not an agreeable or acceptable practice. Accidental damage waiver does not cover damages if dog is left un-crated. The pet fee covers entry to the property and does NOT cover the following:

·      Urine on floors, carpet, linens, furniture, etc.

·      Scratched floors, walls, doors, trim, furniture, etc.

·      Damage to carpet, rugs, blinds, or any other items in property

·      Excessive pet hair and slobber

·      Extra cleaning and flea treatments

In the event a guest allows an unapproved or non-allowed animal of any kind on the Premises, Guest will be assessed an additional, non-refundable $350 fee and may also be subject to immediate eviction without refund.

Pools, Spas, Saunas: Please consult a physician if you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of pool, spa, and/or sauna. Please use at your own risk. Guest acknowledges and accepts all responsibility for the safety of all individuals, approved and unapproved, including children, while using hot tubs, swim spas, saunas, or pools. Guest understands there is no lifeguard on duty and supervision is their responsibility. Guest agrees to release all liability of Smoky Mountain Cabins of Tennessee and the cabin owner. Guest agrees to report all cleanliness issues regarding hot tubs, swim spas, saunas, or pools upon arrival. Guest agrees to pay a cleaning fee if said cleanliness issues are reported more than 24 hours post arrival. Hot tubs may take up to 24 hours to reheat completely after cleanings. Please leave the hot tub cover on when not in use to allow the water temperature to heat appropriately. Guest should not put any soaps, detergents, or bubble bath into hot tub, swim spas, or pool. The water in the heated pool is lukewarm and should be 78-82 degrees.

Hot Tubs: In accordance with the Sevier County Health Department all hot tubs are cleaned and treated prior to your arrival. Because of the cleaning involved the water may not be warm until later in the evening of your arrival. Please note hot tub usage is at your own risk. Please leave the bromine floating device in the hot tub at all times as this helps to continue sanitizing the water during usage. If your hot tub needs cleaned mid-reservation, we will gladly meet your request for a $50 service fee. Please leave the hot tub cover on the hot tub when not in use. There are health risks associated with the use of hot tubs and you should consult your physician if using one is right for you. Please shower with soap and water before and after using the hot tub as some lotions, deodorants, perfumes, etc. mixed with the hot tub chemicals can cause a skin rash. Rental Agent assumes no responsibility for any occurrence associated with hot tub usage. Guests with heart disease, diabetes, high or low-blood pressure, or any serious illness and pregnant women should not enter the hot tub. Guests with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores or wounds should not us the hot tub due to the possibility of spreading infection. Children under the age 12 are prohibited from using hot tub unless accompanied and supervised by their legal guardian. If any residue from items such as bath products, food, alcohol, etc. is found in the hot tub guests will be charged a cleaning fee no less than $100. DO NOT SIT OR STAND ON THE HOT TUB COVER. If it breaks you will be charged the cost of replacing it. A hot tub cover’s cost will depend on size and typically ranges from $350 to $500.

Fireplaces: Fireplaces are seasonal amenities and are not operational from April through September. Gas logs are not to be rearranged for any reason. A $200 minimum charge will be added for those who damage the logs by rearranging them. Occasionally fireplaces need repairs. We do not offer any refunds or relocations for them being out of order. We will certainly make every effort to repair and/or restore the use of fireplace. Fire wood is NOT provided for wood burning fireplaces. You may purchase firewood from a local convenient store or the local Wal-Mart or grocery stores.

Maintenance Issues: Rental Agent performs regular maintenance on all cabins and makes every effort to keep all amenities in good working order. As in any home, appliances, hot tubs, A/C and heating units, water, electricity, telephone, satellites, internet access, fireplaces, etc. may malfunction on occasion. While we cannot offer refunds or discounts for such malfunctions, we will make every effort to correct any deficiencies as quickly as possible during regular business hours. Please report all maintenance issues immediately by contacting our office at 865-868-3235. Please be respectful that emergencies take precedence over non-emergency issues. We provide after-hour service for emergencies only, such as lack of power, heat, air, water, severe leaks, accidents, and cabin lock-outs.

Installed Cabin Electronics: Our teams work hard to provide reliable AV and Wi-Fi Setup and equipment, such as signal boosters and surround systems. Under NO Circumstances should a guest ever disconnect electronics or any other technical equipment in the property without the consent of Smoky Mountain Cabins of Tennessee. Do not adjust, attempt to rewire, connect or disconnect any items that are in place upon arrival. In the event a system is upset or damaged during a stay guest will be completely responsible for any technician calls and service charges incurred by Smoky Mountain Cabins of Tennessee.

House-keeping: Each cabin is thoroughly cleaned prior to arrival. We do not offer daily maid service. A starter set of linens, towels, soap supplies, toilet paper, and paper towels is provided. Washer/dryer units are provided for guests to wash linens or towels as needed. Upon arrival, please report any damage or housekeeping issues.

Inclement Weather & General Refund Policies:  We will do everything we can to make sure your cabin is ready for you. As in any home, malfunctions occasionally happen. No refunds will be issued for non-working amenities, malfunctions in equipment, early departures, or for any weather or road related conditions. If weather permits you from leaving on your scheduled check out day, you will be responsible for the additional night(s) rent. If you are scheduled to be in a cabin that is up a steep mountain road that is inaccessible, then we will try to relocate you to a cabin that is accessible pending availability. If we do not have an alternate cabin available and you purchased the Cancellation Guarantee you will be able to reschedule your stay for a later date. Without the Cancellation Guarantee we are not able to offer a reschedule for weather. Please see section entitled “Cancellations and Early Departures” for additional information.

Power Outages: Sometimes in the mountains we experience power outages due to passing storms. If you are staying in a cabin when the power quits working and the cabin is on a well, you will not have water until the power is restored as wells require electricity to work. Having an extra gallon or two of water available is always a good idea. You can at least have something to drink, be able to flush the commode, and be able to wash your hands during the outage. Being prepared can make all the difference. If you do experience a power outage during your stay you may contact our office. Or for faster service you can contact the Sevier County Electric Company at 865-774-6300 to report the problem and obtain more information.

Wildlife & Pest Control: Your vacation rental is treated once a month for insects. Unfortunately, on rare occasions, these creatures still find their way indoors. While we cannot refund any monies for insects, we will take the appropriate measures to correct the problem. In the Smoky Mountains, there are a number of animals and wildlife species you may encounter. It is imperative that you DO NOT FEED ANY ANIMALS you come in contact with. Feeding animals directly or by not securing your trash cans may result in body injury or death.

Mountain Roads: We do not guarantee any road surface conditions. Most roads in our area are well maintained, but they are curvy and steep. Some units may have gravel driveways or roads. While these roads are routinely maintained, they may be bumpy at times. In the late fall, winter, and early spring it is not uncommon to occasionally have hazardous road conditions. It is recommended that all guests have four-wheel drive and/or tire chains during these seasons. We do not refund due to road conditions. You are responsible for your transportation. We cannot provide transportation or assistance for vehicles who have become stuck.  We are not equipped with the proper equipment to provide this service and will contact a tow company on your behalf. We are not responsible for any towing charges you may incur during your stay. Many roads are too difficult to maneuver a trailer. If you are pulling a trailer please ask our staff if the roads to your cabin will allow it and/or if there is enough parking. For local road conditions, please call: State Hwy Department 877-404-3028 or Local 865-436-5181

Lost or Stolen Items: Rental Agent is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Guest items which are found will be returned to our office. Items can be returned at guests’ expense. Any items returned to our office we will attempt to contact you. Any items collected will be held for a total of 5 days. After which any item not claimed will be donated. ALL firearms left in cabin will be handed over to our local law enforcement agency. You will have to contact them to retrieve your firearm. Absolutely no firearms will be shipped to any guest.

Fireworks/ Firearms: The use of Fireworks and/or Firearms at your cabin is absolutely prohibited. This will result in immediate eviction without refund.